On-set at The Circle….heart emoji kiss kiss SEND!

Ok, I’m just going to be straight up and put it out there. We absolutely LOVE The Circle here at Sundae, so when we were invited to work with our good friends at Channel 4 on publicity for series 2, there were high-fives flying around the office like no-one’s business!

The mission we gladly accepted, was to create a media and social buzz around the Friday night live shows, showcasing its Northern location; very handy as it’s coming straight outta Salford.

The Circle is the next big global format to be rolled out and its incredible to know Studio Lambert is also making the international versions of the show in our home city.

As I write,  the live final is just hours away and it has already been an amazing ride. We’ve had the pleasure of inviting press and influencer fans of The Circle to be in the audience for all of the live shows, and we have been inundated with excited requests to interview the show’s voice-over star, Bolton born and bred, Sophie Willan.

Over the course of the live shows we have had a ball in the studio audience with BBC Radio Manchester’s The Dead Good Show, Your Mcr, The Mancunion, Manchester’s Finest, Manchester Confidential, Gaydio, JOE.co.uk, I Love Manchester, Hits Radio, Manchester Evening News, BBC Radio Manchester’s Breakfast Show and The Manc along to enjoy the evening.

No-one is immune to The Circle’s influence, and we’ve also had a whole host of celebrity fans on board, including Alexandra Mardell (Coronation Street), Dave Tag (Hollyoaks) and Ellis Hollins (Hollyoaks) and Hollie-jay Bowes (Hollyoaks).

Time’s a tickin’ and the final is edging ever closer and here at Sundae Towers there is a familiar notion of mixed emotion; we love the show that much that we don’t want it to end yet we cannot wait to see who wins!

Our guestlist for the final is full of wonderful people, we’re ready, Emma Willis is ready and like all circles, when it ends we will be right back at the beginning and waiting for next year’s instalment.

See you there!

Tom x

Image Credit: Channel 4




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