Northern Soul: If you were there, you’ll know.

This week we’re delighted to finally reveal the hugely anticipated trailer for Northern Soul, a film 17 years in the making and the first feature from respected photographer Elaine Constantine.

A faithful depiction of its namesake music scene in its 70s heyday, Northern Soul is not only a labour of love, but also a fitting tribute to the still thriving subculture.

The Northern Soul scene is defined by its dedicated music fans and DJs so protective of their rare 45s sourced from hours of crate digging in dusty cellars from the States that they used to cover up the label to ensure nobody found out the artist and title. That soul lives on through both the longstanding soulies and now the younger generations that have also begun to talc up the dance floor on a regular basis.

The film features some heavyweight names including Steve Coogan, John Thomson, Lisa Stansfield and Ricky Tomlinson, along with standout performances from newcomers Joshua Whitehouse and Elliot James Langridge.

The coming of age tale follows the friendship between two lads, John and Matt (played by Langridge and Whitehouse, respectively), whose bond gains momentum as they open themselves up to the dance scene that etched out a strong underground presence throughout the 1970s. Along the way they are taught harsh lessons about the realities of life and growing up, but among the struggles with responsibility, violence and rivalry, it’s the sense of community – and the music – of the Northern Soul scene that keeps them both just about afloat.

The Telegraph ran an exclusive first look featuring images from the film and now you can see the trailer exclusively via Guardian Film. Soon Northern Soul fever could be sweeping the nation! Believe it or not we’ve also had a bash at some of the moves ourselves, and let’s just say it’s harder than it looks. We might have to get some practicing in ahead of the premiere…

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