CHANEL Metiers d’Art

If you’d asked me last year who my dream client would be, I probably wouldn’t have said CHANEL, because working with the iconic fashion house was beyond my wildest dreams. So, being invited to work on the CHANEL Metiers d’art show in Manchester was my wake up call to dream bigger, because sometimes they do come true.

Being part of bringing CHANEL to Manchester will forever be a career highlight, and witnessing first hand the meticulous care, consideration and attention to detail the house puts into its work was inspirational. It’s something we’ll take forward into all of our future projects – nothing is ever too much.

After four months of working on the show, and with the excitement in the city reaching fever pitch, being part of such a historic moment felt incredible, but the legacy of the event is as important as the moment itself. People across the globe were learning more about our city, its history, its culture and its vibe, and for the first time for some, seeing past the Madchester stereotype that has perpetuated for decades.

We couldn’t escape the rain, but would we want to? The storm brought an atmosphere to the show that even CHANEL can’t buy, and the rain bouncing on the tarmac catwalk added drama to an already high octane show.

The CHANEL Metiers d’Art delivered in excess of 2000 pieces of coverage across the world, with a value of £100m + and untold social media reach. It will be talked about for years to come and that is a conversation I’ll always be delighted to be part of.

Read more in: AnOther, Vogue, Guardian, Elle, Telegraph, BBC and Harper’s

Fiona x



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