With Love, Spinningfields x

Working on Spinningfields’ ultimate Valentine’s Day celebration at Hardman Square ‘With love, Spinningfields x’ has been a beautiful experience for us here at Sundae; as we arrived in the office after Christmas, those January blues were quickly given the old heave-ho by the happiest, joy-filled project to start the year with a flutter.

This fully interactive, love, art and music infused, memory creating journey was as much for the Gals and the Pals as it was for the Vals, so all you had to do was pick a partner and head along for the romantic (or not!) ride.

And head along people did! From minute one, the celebration was hugely popular with everyone from the fine folk of Spinningfields, to those passing through on a shopping trip, to those who had grabbed their fave person and embarked upon a specific love-fueled mission.

A huge neon sign illuminated the area with the little, well known, mix of five words that mean something different to everyone: ‘Shout Out to my Ex’ and provided the perfect picture backdrop… which, needless to say,  was well and truly taken advantage of.

Those in attendance were welcomed by a very special host and guided to the starting point located under a Heart Arch (AKA: Harch) where they were given the opportunity to pick an envelope containing a surprise song from a secret selection of popular tracks, which would then be played in their honour by a simply stunning string quartet.

Following the serenade, it was time to visit a storyteller extraordinaire who skillfully extracted some relationship based facts from the pair in question, to create a fitting finale in the form of a bespoke love story for the ages.

Sundae delivered both communications and social media for ‘With Love, Spinningfields x’ and in doing so achieved high-quality media coverage across a range of key national and regional outlets, ensuring cut through into listings, news stories and features, with high quality coverage appearing in  Manchester Evening News, About Manchester, Manchester World, Creative Tourist, I Love Manchester, Your Mcr, Student Life (MMU), What’s On Manchester, Unlock MCR, Secret Manchester, and Hitched, amongst others.

The social media campaign we put together was really engaging, informative, and hard-working; running through Spinningfields’ channels, we designed a consistent, recognisable brand style to reflect the feel of the celebration, and while on-site, we worked with members of the public to create reels that told their true, heartwarming, and often hilarious love tales.

We also launched an interactive online poll, asking a targeted audience which love songs they would like to have featured within the experience, and the results reaffirmed two things that we already knew: our city knows good music, and it definitely knows how to have a good laugh!

So, did we enjoy ourselves? Don’t be Cupid! Of course we did! But, as with all good things, ‘With love, Spinningfields x’ had to come to an end, though it will forever be… no YOU’RE crying!


Sundae  x



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