The Bruntwood Prize

To celebrate 10 years of the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting, we’ve been working with Bruntwood and the Royal Exchange Theatre for a truly inspiring campaign, exploring where some of the UK’s best writers get their creative juices flowing.

Acclaimed photographer Simon Annand was brought on board to capture well-known British writers in the places that inspire them most, and the result is simply stunning.

Who knew that Jonny Vegas likes to get writing in a purple shed at the bottom of his garden? Or that previous winner of the Bruntwood Prize, Anna Jordan, likes to take to the Royal Exchange foyer to tap into the ‘good Bruntwood vibes’?

One of my favourite shots was of multi award-winning playwright Simon Stephens, who was pictured amongst the clutter of everyday life, mountains of papers piling up around him whilst cats clambered the scene.

But the one that struck a particular chord with me was the imagery of Sarah Solemni, caught lounging in her very cosy bed and soaking in the bath. It shows simply that inspiration can be conjured up in the most mundane of situations; you don’t always have to be among beautiful, stirring or provocative things to feel creative.

The photos have been exhibited in London, but will make their way to Manchester to be put on display at The Royal Exchange Theatre tomorrow. With some truly fascinating shots unveiling the spots that inspire some of our great writers, I really urge you to make it down to this exhibition!

We’ve also been asking you where it is that you feel creative over on Twitter, and we’ve had some great responses… Where do you feel most inspired?

Jess x

Images © Simon Annand


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