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Taking me back to my youth, the film served as a reminder as to what it was like to be young, innocent and carefree. Reminiscing about being 16 again, when friends were the most important things in the world, and music occupied every spare hour in the day, Spike Island captures the imagination of its audience.

Starring Elliott Tittensor, Nico Mirallegro and Emilia Clarke, the release of the film to DVD and Blu-ray attracted coverage from The London Evening Standard, The Times, Metro, The Scottish Sunday Mail and many more!

Spike Island has a fierce social fan base, with 34,000 strong Facebook and Twitter following and their enthusiasm that meant our social campaign had a reach of 10 million in launch week alone. We drew more attention, with the intention of reaching a wider target demographic, with a four week Xfm campaign across AV and promotional airtime.

The film has attracted both younger fans, who may not have been around at the time of the legendary Spike Island gig but are all about their music, plus those who were there, reminiscing about their love for the 90’s and the Stone Roses.

To celebrate the launch we created an experiential event for 400 VIP guests at the iconic Band on the Wall, hosted by Xfm’s Jo Good and a DJ set from Dots and Loops. Joined by the film’s biggest fans, featuring music from hot Manchester bands, The Quangos, The Marivaux and The Minx, the night was non-stop music galore.

An hilarious Q&A hosted by Xfm’s Tim & Jim, with the film’s writer, Chris Coghill (Uncle Hairy) and cast member Adam Long (Little Gaz) saw behind the scenes secrets revealed. They had the crowd in stitches sharing their favourite moments from filming and a personal favourite of mine, Coghill reliving the moment his dream man, Eric Cantona, admitted he was a fan of the film!

The guys from Manchester’s Finest, The Skinny, Manchester Evening News and Viva Magazine came down to the gig and we also got I love MCR and Mancunian Matters excited about Spike Island!

With event sponsors Bulldog Gin and Jameson Irish Whisky pouring the drinks and an array of Spike Island goodies, (I’m talking t-shirts, hats, badges – the lot), I think its fair to say Spike Island lovers went home with a ten mile smile, and so did we! Success!

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