Boy Blue Entertainment

We are mega excited to be working on Emancipation of Expressionism, an 11-minute hip-hop dance, from Boy Blue Entertainment, that is being captured on film by, the one and only, Danny Boyle in a staged performance at London’s Barbican Theatre.

The dance, choreographed by Kenrick Sandy with music composed by BBE co-founder and fellow artistic director, Michael Asante, is performed by a diverse 17-strong company led by Kenrick.

Team Sundae was lucky enough to be on set, at the Barbican, as the performance was captured and directed by Danny Boyle and what an amazing experience it was; popping, locking, waacking, breaking, hip-hop and krumping, all specialist hip-hop and street dance styles we witnessed first hand through Kenrick’s genius choreography.

We couldn’t help but feed off  the infectious energy of the work and it was a completely uplifting experience. The emotion generated by the dancers was quite incredible and the performance levels were like nothing we’ve ever seen up close and personal.

The taste of the production that we got from our time on set will stay with us for some time and we can’t wait to see the final capture. This journey is one that we are hugely honoured to be invited on and it’s already causing a stir with coverage in The Times, the Evening Standard and British Blacklist for the project announcement.

Watch this space for the next stage.

Tom x

(Emancipation of Expressionism by Boy Blue Entertainment image credit: Nicole Guarino)


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