Cat/Person… The purrfect project furr us

You know, sometimes things just work out, don’t they? I’m not sure if we’ve ever mentioned it, but those who know us well, know we are cat people, and earlier this year we did some work with award-winning writer and producer, Chris Heath (The World According to Grandpa) as he announced his new audio sitcom Cat/Person.

A series of overheard conversations between a broken man Matthew (Chris Heath) and Hobson (Sue Vincent), his sarcastic, selfish, sociopathic rescue cat… the podcast is bang on the money in terms of accuracy, properly funny, and we, of course, loved it.

So, you can imagine our pure joy at getting a call from our very good friends at Saffron Cherry Productions, creator of the international hit show The Madame Blanc Mysteries, telling us that they have secured the TV rights for it and that they’d love for us to announce it to the media… it went right off in the office, trust me!

The announcement comes as brand-new episodes of the audio sitcom were set to be released weekly on all major podcast platforms, while plans for a Cat/Person live show are also well and truly underway (we’ll see you down the front!).

Cat/Person accurately and hilariously encapsulates the kind of relentless emotional hazing that cats love to lavish on their eager-to-please ‘owners’. Matthew is doing his best to keep himself from falling into a black hole following an unhappy divorce. To get him through the dark days, his friends recommend that he gets himself an emotional support animal.

Unfortunately, after a trip to the local Animal Shelter, he chose Hobson, a rescue cat played by Sue Vincent (The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Alma’s Not Normal, Blindspot). Matthew is sentimental, messy and lonely. Hobson is hungry and is insisting on a treat. Immediately.

In each episode, we’re privy to a selection of conversations between human and cat, as Matthew tries his best to navigate his new life as a near shut-in, with Hobson conveniently on-hand to point out just how badly he’s doing at this. We listen in as Matthew tackles the biggest obstacles in life as he now knows it: social media, insomnia, love, death, sex, comfort eating and drinking.

In announcing this incredible news for humans and felines alike we racked up coverage aplenty with an interview feature with the simply iconic Sue Vincent and news piece in British Comedy Guide, as well as features in Broadcast Now, Televisual, C21, World Screen, TBI Vision, The Knowledge, and Prolific North.

This is just the beginning of Cat/Person’s tail, we can’t wait to see what’s next, and don’t worry we’ll tell you as soon as we find out!

Tom x



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