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Shangri-La is a radical area of Glastonbury with a deep history in outsider art and underground culture. It is an incredible creative playground, with new collaborators contributing to its evolving narrative each year.

Following a three-year, Covid-enforced break, the most-anticipated Glastonbury Festival of all time was the perfect opportunity for Shangri-La to come full circle, take it back to where it all began, reconnect and celebrate the power of community in the field, which this year was curated around the theme ‘We the People’.

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The Campaign

This year we worked with an amazing team to deliver the socials for Shangri-La, creating the strategy and content to generate engagement for the festival and beyond.

Our role was to showcase the music, art and interactive tech strands of the Shangri-La field across the social channels while coordinating the overall strategy in the build up to, during and following the event, to ensure that the pages fully represented the eclectic array of content throughout the weekend.

We coordinated the line-up announcements for each of the five stages with the programming team, tagging all artists and providing them with all of the information needed to support via their own channels. We also curated a series of round-up posts highlighting a diverse selection of the acts. We utilised Instagram’s collaborative post feature with Earache Records and Sportsbanger to combine our reach and engagement on posts about their sets.

Instagram Reels were a huge part of our strategy and played a big part in reaching over 57k new users on the platform who weren’t already following the account. Farelight Productions provided us with portrait footage from the field, including a video of the first crowds arriving for the welcome performance on the Truth stage, which has been viewed over 28k times. They also helped us to create a bank of additional video content to roll out on the social channels in the coming month, keeping them active in the space between the annual event taking place.

In addition, with a vast amount of photo content from the incredible team of photographers, (Jody Hartley, George Harrison, Nathan Roach, Simon Westgate and Hannah Sherlock), we were able to combine many of the images to form additional Reels which celebrated the theme of ‘We The People’.

Live posting throughout the festival was imperative to the campaign, we worked with the brilliant Dulcie at Chuffed Digital as well as ShangrilART’s Tash to collate content from the field, We used stage specific branding from Instruct Studio, to ensure that all stories and carousels from the weekend were fully on brand and visually engaging.


Photos by Jody Hartley, Nathan Roach, George Harrison


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