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Salvi’s is a family-run food and restaurant business based in Manchester, with two restaurants and a deli currently in operation and a third restaurant launching in 2022. 

In the build up to the new flagship venue opening, we took on the social media channels to help grow the audience, engagement and brand awareness.

Salvi's Social Media 3

The Campaign

We set out to build on the existing following that Salvi’s had across their channels. To do this we would need to appeal to a new Salvi’s audience who are likely to be customers of the new restaurant, without alienating their regular customers and long-time supporters.

We built a strategy for the social media channels to incorporate a variety of content strands including daily posts about the food, staff, venues, produce, Italian cooking methods and the Cecco family.

We also developed the tone of voice for the channels to incorporate elements of both Italian and Mancunian speech, with an emphasis on being friendly, fun and welcoming, whilst also a knowledgeable and trusted source of information about Italian food.

We worked with our friends at Instruct to incorporate some of the branding elements they’d designed for the restaurants into the social feeds, ensuring that the brand style is reflected on every channel creating a cohesive and instantly recognisable look. We also organised two content days with photographer Rikki Chan to collate a bank of imagery that represented the variety of dishes and key seasonal products available.

In addition to this, to keep the channels feeling relevant and up to date, we regularly visited the restaurants ourselves to capture our own photographs and videos of new deli items, and anything new on the menus. 

We put together social media plans for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each week, ensuring that we included timely posts about any key dates and special products available in the deli. We were also really reactive each day to respond to and share customers’ posts and provide additional support when needed. We covered live posting and content creation from key events including a pre-launch event for the Deansgate Square restaurant.  


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