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History-defining North West fashion house Horrockses joined forces with rising star of the sustainable-yet-affordable clothing market, Joanie Clothing, creating a show-stopping collectable range steeped in history and style.

The Horrockses Fashions x Joanie collection, composed of an exclusive range of vintage-inspired dresses, is full of 1950s silhouettes influenced and inspired by Horrockses designs.

Horrockses X Joanie Launch Event

The Campaign

We set out to create a concept driven event to launch the Horrockses x Joanie collection, to take place in Manchester – the home of both brands. It was important that the launch campaign and event told the story of the Horrockses brand, representing its heritage, journey and future equally.

We selected a venue for the event with its own rich heritage to complement the history of the Horrockses brand and  transformed the room in the Anthony Burgess Foundation with the iconic Horrockses prints in bunting, tablecloths and a photo backdrop. This resulted in lots of Instagrammable spaces for content creators to use during the event, with the dresses taking centre stage in the middle of the room.

We worked closely with the team at Joanie to develop the vision of the event, which was stylish, high quality, but also warm, welcoming and beautifully home made.

From the food and drinks, to the crockery, to the entertainment, to the operational running of the event, the exhibition, to the layout and decoration of the room, everything was carefully thought through to retain the ethos of history-defining North West fashion house Horrockses, complemented by the of the moment, rising star of the sustainable-yet-affordable clothing market, Joanie.

The event celebrated Horrockses Royal connections, taking place on the Queen’s birthday, had with a nod to the street parties due to take place on the Queen’s Jubilee, whilst keeping this light touch to ensure all audiences felt the event for them.

To maximise the opportunity, and ensure the event worked incredibly hard for all its attendees, we split the event into day and evening. In the afternoon, a selection of key media and influencers were invited and really ensure they had space to look at and learn about the collection.

Daytime guests were also treated to afternoon tea with a twist, courtesy of Prestwich’s finest Italian cafe Lupo, and the feel-good atmosphere from the afternoon continued through into the evening, as evening attendees enjoyed our spring-themed gin bar and delectable canapés.

We welcomed North West Tonight down to preview the event, who filmed an exclusive segment, in which Joanie Clothing brand director Lucy Gledhill and original Horrockses designer Wendy Simpson were interviewed and appeared on the Evening News and across all of their digital platforms.

Working across the Horrockses Fashions x Joanie physical launch party and the official launch of the collection online, we achieved 43 pieces of high-quality coverage across a range of key national, regional,  broadcast and social outlets with a targeted potential reach of over 112 million.

Working with the Joanie team, we invited a number of vintage-inspired, Manchester-based content creators who shared a range of #HorrocksesXJoanie social media posts with their followers, with a potential reach of over 241k.



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